Modi Srivastava & Associates


Founded by Architect Hitesh Modi & Architect Amit Srivastava in 1994 as a Multidisciplinary Architecture Design practice, Modi Srivastava and Associates' expertise includes Architecture, Interior Design, Planning & Urban Development . The firm takes pride in itself for it's innovative design, often inspired by nature, history, urban context, technology & sustainable strategies. The belief is that the most complex and beautiful solutions are often, if not always, the simplest ones.

MSA's portfolio of projects spans across the country and ranges in scales & typologies; that broadly include the following

  • Commercial
  • Educational Institutes
  • Housing
  • Hospitality
  • Health facilities
  • Interior
  • Industrial Units
  • Private Residences
  • Public and not for profit spaces

The firm’s design process is an interactive & collaborative one, promoting open and effective communication between leaders, team members and consultants. During the design process itself the clients are engaged and informed in making decisions to reach a consensus and proceed towards successful completion of the project.

Philosophy of MSA's work is a collective one. The idea is to achieve design solution driven by concepts about function, climate, location, the form making process, role of final design in neighbourhood, etc. MSA believes that a building designed with a broader perspective of knowledge & understanding of larger community & environmental issues related to it, intensifies the project's meaningfullness. Members of the firm routinely provide leadership in civic, sociological & sustainability initiatives. This commitment allows the firm to bring a unique perspective to every project, resulting in final outcome that is innovative, relevant & timeless.