MSA consciously & with determination is engaged in reinventing the urban conditions. Working with belief that every project contribution must belong to its place & time.It results into dynamic relationship between the nature & built environments. Architecture must stimulate & inspire.

The firm's work ranges from the scale of a meaningful small space interior design to urban interventions and design. Our portfolio also includes adaptive reuse & renovation, new construction, urban planning , addressing planning & infrastructure design issues, among other ways we can contribute as Architects.

Upon the onset of each project, MSA does a Site analysis, Environmental Analysis and an all team meeting with related consultants like Structural, HVAC, Green Building , Building Automation & Security Systems Consultants, etc. This enables us to understand and optimize building performance, inititated at the Drawing board itself. Following construction, the firm conducts the Post-Occupancy Analysis, Surveys & generates reports, evaluating both, the performance objective & occupant comfort.

In every project MSA's role is to guide & coordinate the realization of environmental goals with the greater context of aesthetics, programmatic, economic & technical requirements. Through this transparent, thoughtful & rigorous design process, we ensure a completed project that sits lightly on the land while enhancing its existing context.